Tony Rosario w/ Special Guest- Hillbilly Rhythm & Blues

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Tony Rosario. Our weekend resident artist, you can find Tony every first Friday and last Saturday of the month, bringing special guest along for the music. One of our longest tenured artist here, to say he is ingrained in our culture of music is almost an understatement. A home-grown tour-de-force of Colorado musical excellence, crossing the lines of R&B, Country,Rock & Roll, and Blues - armed to the chin-bone with great songs, powerfully sincere vocals, confidently rock solid grooves, and a kaleidoscopic tapestry of guitar and percussive Big voice - big songs. Rock like a chain-gang. Country as a blues biscuit:-) He is a true son of the soil and a Colorado favorite. He's a notorious smart-aleck and a broken hearted warrior. A clown prince and an old friend. The self-appointed Trailer-park Troubadour and "regular folks" representative ("If double-wide means upgrade, you sing the song of my people":-) He's a rugged oaken voiced guitar-slinger/troubadour - deftly running the rails from from Blues to Country to Rock to Folk to R&B and Soul, with all the purpose of a steam locomotive - and an "anything-but" common 1-man groove that runs a country mile wide and all day long. Hillbilly Rhythm & Blues, Cowboy Rock & Roll, Double-Wide Dirt-Road Soul. "I've wandered a bit. My old guitar has been my constant companion and confidante for as long as I can remember. Old ghosts live inside her wooden shell and when the night is right she sings to me and whispers great tales of love and loss - of heroes and friends. Like a warm breeze I will roll your way from time to time with a new story from an old confidante. This train has no destination , it's just meant to roll" He's a skilled and powerfully entertaining performer. An engaging storyteller covering everything from heartaches to hard time with a subtle warmth that is in one moment the soft spoken country preacher, and in the next a wild eyed riverboat gambler bound straight for hell on the next thing smokin'. He wrings and wrangles and coaxes every last note out of his ancient Sears & Roebuck Silvertone guitar like an alchemist divining golden treasures out of common lead. An old wooden box suddenly becomes a kick drum and a foot-driven woodblock & tambourine contraption drives the backbeat like the authority of a chain-gang sledgehammer. When the show is over and the lights fall he leaves his audiences with the powerful notion that they've got a new confidante and some pretty simple things to feel good about. The songs are real and gritty, upbeat and driving, painful and hopeful, playful and sincere, and everything in between. Stories built to move the mind and bodies - and hopefully a heart or two along the way. Music made to encourage tapping your toes,shakin' your feathers, and loving who ya love like you'll never let em go:-)

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