Sit Down Hold On

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Sit Down Hold On. A mix of the jingly sound of a banjo, the thump of a well used bass, the chop of a mandolin, and a blues guitar riff gives you the unique sound of Sit Down Hold On. Sit Down Hold On is traditional bluegrass band from Littleton, Colorado. Their songs may vary from newgrass to gospel but it’s all bluegrass and it’s all fun. Sit Down Hold On plays original arrangements of bluegrass standards and bluegrass arrangements of well worn traditional songs. Jim plays banjo and sings. He has played with local band Wing and a Prayer and has had the opportunity to play at the Old Country Church. He is continuing his music education at Swallow Hill Music School. Mike is a sought after bassist who also plays with Backporch Grass and honky-tonk newcomers Sgt. Reckless. There are times when Mike might play two or more shows a day. Paul is on mandolin and often plays at the Colorado based Retrograss jam in addition to jams sponsored by the Swallow Hill Music Association. Kelly plays guitar and is also part of the Sgt. Reckless project with Mike. His blend of honky-tonk riffs within the bluegrass improvisational structure gives Sit Down Hold On its unique sound. Kelly also was a student at Swallow Hill Music School. The band came together in July of 2017 to play a benefit show at a local church bazaar. That first show was fraught with wind and rain, and upon surviving it, the members were convinced that they had something special and should continue on. Sit Down Hold On has been playing shows at local venues since.

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