Richie Castro- Singer/Songwriter

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Richie Castro. Years ago he found two things he loves to do more than anything. TRAVEL and SING. Now days he's been called a modern day Troubadour or Traveling Musician. He's been moving around on the magic carpet of music for over 13 years now. Learning everyday about Myself, Music and Life! Excuse me, while he blows the high C on my own horn....but it's a real treat to hear him play acoustic guitar. He can play 5 hours of material in many different styles: Reggae, Blues, R&B, Pop, Soul, Rock, Rap, Latin, Mexican Mariachi, Golden Oldies, Country and Western!!!. One of my favorite ways of traveling is to pack a small bag of clothes, my travel size guitar and amp, and hit the road with "making music" as the plan. He normally picks up gigs along the way. Sometimes in pubs, restaurants, weddings, clubs, parties, and his favorite- the streets (busking!.. some of the best mini concerts he's ever had!) Some of the countries he's performed in are Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, France, Austria, Italy, Croacia, Poland, Hungry, Czech Republic, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, Belguim, Mexico, Luxemburg, England, USA... and more! He's a true traveling musician with a passion for sharing music with the world. Viva la musica!!

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