Jared Gottberg on Tour

“Jared William Gottberg is a professional musician and producer from Omaha, NE. He’s worked in many bands over the years, and currently is the frontman for alt-rock trio The Party After. He also owns and operates a recording studio, teaches private music lessons, and does consulting work for up and coming musicians looking to make music their career. The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Jared Gottberg. His live show, when he is performing solo, is an intimate entertainment experience, as Jared likes to play to the crowds and includes some very beloved, well-known covers in his set lists. Just as well, the original music he performs and releases seem to dig deeper into the soul, with reflection on human emotion and struggle being highlighted throughout his work. Throughout the last 5 years, Jared has toured with many Midwest acts as well as on his own to promote a solo career that began in 2016. In February 2020, he released his first full-length solo album titled “Introspective”, and has plans to tour as much as possible in wake of the support he has received from all over the United States on his songs.”

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