George Martschenko Live - Acoustic Folk Rock

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: George Martschenko. Our longest tenured artist here at the Bluegrass, you can find G-Man rocking the house every Thursday night with a variety of classic and contemporary hits. The upbeat tone and great neighborhood vibe will make you want to keep coming back. Even one of our favorite regulars, Georgia, joins in for a few sets most every week. In a few of his own words, "Yes, that last name is made up. I wanted something exotic for a stage name. When I was a kid I loved the beat in music, the rhythm, and would tap on the coffee table when there was music playing. My mom thought I was musical and asked what instrument I’d like to play. Drums! Are you kidding!? So I got a piano. I hated it. I must have been 7 years old. Later rock and roll came into my life. Of course I couldn’t get a guitar. I convinced my sister to ask for one and I took it from her. Sorry, Lora. I taught myself guitar and it shows in my playing. But I loved it and stayed with it. Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, I was exposed to the Blues. Mostly, I have been a pop electric guitar player. Over the years, I’ve played electric guitar in several local bands. Acoustic guitar is relatively new concept for me and for the last 12 years have been performing solo acoustic guitar in the Denver metro area. Restaurants and bars have become my thing. I love it when people bring their kids. Kids are cool. They are fascinated with music being made. It’s magic."

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