Doctor Doug & The Dirty Shoes Band

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Doctor Doug & the Dirty Shoes Band. This piano trio/duo has been playing for years now. From the Denver, Colorado area the Dirty Shoes Band takes the listener on a journey through the history of roots-based blues, rock, jazz, and pop with a taste of New Orleans. Doug Krause has been a professional musician and composer for over twenty-five years. His characteristic writing and performing style comes from years spent moving between the pop/rock, blues, and country genres as well as classical music. A small town boy from the plains of Kansas, he had a natural affinity for the music of the heartland but quickly discovered that the blues and southern rock suited his piano and singing style perfectly. Besides being a professional performer, Doug has also been a producer, studio musician, composer, songwriter, and teacher. He considers himself a journeyman musician being proficient in all styles of popular music, and he has a masters degree in music composition and orchestration. Ken Robinson has been in Denver-based bands for over 30 years, and prior to moving to Denver he played progressive hard rock in the midwest and Top 40 in the southeast. Ken played the grueling Central City tourist scene in the mid-80s after touring with Denver-based rockers Bystander in the early 80s. Ken has also played with original alt-rock band Big Junior, rock'n'roll legend Bo Diddley, blues guitar great Jim Schwall, blues harmonica virtuoso Clay Kirkland, variety dance band Deja Blu, The Long Run, Colorado's Tribute to the Eagles, and many other projects.

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