Chrispy Live- One Man Band

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Chrispy, Chris Popovich. One of our favorite acts, Chrispy has become a permanent stay at the lounge. You can find Chrispy here every Tuesday evening which is always guaranteed good time. With his non-stop (he never takes a break) rocking, awesome build ups with his looping board, and his blending of genres. He learns his favorite songs from the 60's thru 90's and some contemporary. He lays bass on 3 separate tracks to build a song, then sings & plays guitar. You might know him from playing at such places like Devilheads Distillery, The Brew on Broadway, or even on the 16th street mall. As of Oct 2017, Chrispy was in a three piece band called Liberal Monkey Movement that released their EP Box of Curiosities.

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