An Evening with Banjo Kyle

The Bluegrass Lounge presents: Kyle Miller. From the beginning, as a child growing up in a small town in the heart of Wisconsin, surrounded by the Wisconsin River and its veins of streams and ponds, Kyle Miller always drew immense inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature. As a teen, Banjo Kyle found a place to belong among the camaraderie of musicians. He would spend his days playing in the forest by his house with friends, and at night, stopping into local coffee joints to jam. A self-taught musician, "Banjo," as his close friends sometimes refer to him as, honed his ability to not only play the banjo with finesse, but also a variety of classical and be-it traditional instruments like guitar, mandolin, and violin with intricate and refined delicacy. Banjo Kyle's musical style is heavily influenced by the Old Blue Grass greats like Ralph Stanley and Jerry Garcia. His voice, seasoned to perfection lends itself to the perfect amount of ease, range, power, and grace. A fine lyricist, he has the innate ability to use words like tools, similar to the way a great painter uses his paint brush to paint strokes- in a meditative and methodical manner. Having written over 100 songs throughout his life, Kyle poetically creates his songs that touch on matters of unity, human connection, the beauty of nature, positivity, travelling, and landscapes. There is a subtle spiritual undertone to his songs that take you away to all the places he has been. From the plains to the caverns, from the sunny hilltops to the icy mountains, Kyle's far-reaching experiences while travelling is transmuted through his music. Kyle has played at venues all across the U.S. including festivals, bars, restaurants, concert halls, and even protests. He lives and breathes music. Audiences from all over are amazed by his ability to pluck his banjo with so much energy, while creating a soothing juxtaposition with his tender voice. As dynamic and moving as Mother Nature herself, Kyle Banjo's music moves every listener, taking them on a journey from sea to space.

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